Terms of service

Seller and service provider is 1104 by MAR.
ID number: 700920-0380
VAT number: 139064

The buyer is the person registered for payment on invoice.

These terms and conditions apply to any business between seller and buyer on 1104bymar.com  online shop.

The terms and conditions define the rights and duties of seller and buyer respectively.

The buyer is the person registered for payment on invoice.


Seller sends to buyer an order confirmation to email address provided by buyer in connection with the business transaction.

When a buyer has confirmed their order in the online shop on the 1104bymar.com website, this order is considered binding for the buyer.

The buyer is encouraged to make certain that they have received an order confirmation from the seller and whether it is in accordance with their wishes.


Information on the website and online shop are published with the understanding that there may be typos, errors in stock numbers and changes in pricing, e.g. because of changes in exchange rates, for which the seller cannot be held liable.

Seller reserves rights to cancelling a business transaction, partially or all together, if a product has been erroneously priced, it is out of stock or production costs have gone up.


All cost concerning orders placed with us are specified before the buyer confirms their order.

Total sum contains all costs concerning the order, excluding shipment costs.

All prices listed in our online shop include VAT.


Business transactions through the website are paid for with credit cards (Mastercard and Visa). Payment is made through the secure website of Valitor ehf. If payment is not promptly received, the seller reserves rights to cancel the business transaction.

The product is property of the seller until the price has been fully paid. In cases of account sales, the seller’s ownership of the product is undisputed until the seller has received payment in full for the product.


If a product is flawed, customers are offered a new product instead and the seller pays for shipment or reimburses the buyer if that is their wish. In any other incident, we refer to laws regarding Door-to-Door Sales and Distance Contracts no 46/2000 and laws and regulations concerning consumer purchases.


Seller guarantees full confidentiality to buyers concerning any information they share during their business transaction. Information shall under no circumstances be handed over to a third party.

Any personal information provided to us in order for us to be able to carry out your order is used only for this purpose and as is further explained in our privacy policy.

All material on the 1104bymar.com website is the property of 1104 by MAR or the property of suppliers who advertise and sell their products via the website. 1104 by MAR is a registered trademark and may not be used in connection with any other products or services without permission.

In the case of any dispute or controversy between buyer and seller regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, it shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Icelandic Law and the District Courts of Iceland shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation thereto.






Name: 1104 by MAR 

Address: Seljavegur 2, 101 Reykjavík 

E-mail: shop@1104bymar.com

ID number: 700920-0380

VAT number: 139064

1104 by MAR is registered with the Iceland Revenue and Customs Company Catalogue